Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #1

The first of many!! Can you believe it's my first time participating?!

For those who don't know, click the picture for details. And thanks bunches to Jenn for hosting!

I thought it'd be a little boring just to do my Wednesday eats, so here's a taste of what I've been eating lately...


Things like mocha green smoothies,

and dark choco-raspberry green smoothies...

and delicious yogurt bowls to stay cool in the warm weather.

For lunch:

Veggie burgers with avocado and cheddar,

and delicious, melty, gooey veggie paninis...

Mom's spinach balls and Trader Joe's veggie sushi.

And this totally yummy veggie-hummus-goat cheese-tempeh quesadilla that I ate while typing this post today!!

Dinner is usually veggie-based, so to mix things up a bit:

Nachos! [Yes, they were healthy.]

Chicken sausage + veg quinoa scramble...

and delicious sweet potatoes topped with things like cream + cottage cheese, peanut + almond butter, cinnamon and nuts! LOVE my sweet potatoes. I could live off them alone.

Dessert is pretty random. Sometimes, it looks like this:

a dark choco, banana chip + pretzel s'more with cashew butter.

So that's what I've been eating lately! As you can tell, lots of new recipes to come. ;) Get especially excited for that raspberry smoothie, it's a good one!

Happy eats!!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, three things:

    Your mom's spinach balls, that hummus-tempeh quesadilla, and nut butter on a sweet potato...they all look so so good!

    I've been meaning to try almond butter/peanut butter on my sweet potato for a long time now! I'll have to do it this week for sure!

    Thanks for the great ideas:)